Token Distribution Framework

The network uses the $ANLOG token to incentivize positive actions by nodes and subscribers while penalizing deceptive entities on the platform. We have minted $ANLOG tokens as ERC-20/BEP-20.
However, once the mainnet goes live, we will re-mint the tokens again and provide an interface that allows existing token holders to transition to the new tokenomics system. Table 1 summarizes the token specifications:
Table 1: Token specifications
At the genesis of the Analog network, 13.8 billion $ANLOG was minted. However, when the mainnet launches, we will re-mint and burn the previously minted tokens. 90.58 million $ANLOG represents the fixed and immutable maximum supply of $ANLOG tokens. Table 2 highlights the distribution schedule mechanism:
Table 2. Token distribution schedule
Below is a summary of how the network will distribute $ANLOG tokens:
Token distribution framework

Public sale

This includes all the $ANLOG tokens offered during pre-launch sale or lock drop allocations open to public participation.

Community allocations

This includes the ecosystem funds, staking rewards, or airdrops that will eventually go to the Analog community.


The $ANLOG tokens offered to insiders which comprise the Analog team, advisors/partners, and venture capitalists (VC).


The primary objective of the treasury is to create the needed runway as opportunities arise. We have slated this for realizing partnerships, developer rewards, community grants, operating capital, exchange listings, strategic investments, and any investment that will ensure the long-term benefits of the project.
You can learn more about Analog token economics from the website.