Generic Cross-Chain Event Data Transfer Protocol
The core of Analog’s interoperability feature—implemented within the Timegraph API—is a generic cross-chain event data transfer (XCEDT) protocol. It enables any dApp developer building on one network to call and use any function on other connected networks.
By leveraging the XCEDT protocol, the Analog network provides complete composability across the web3 ecosystem. For example, dApp builders can select the blockchain best suited for their use cases and build a cross-chain solution that offers a seamless and one-click experience to users, allowing them to interact with any asset on any network.
High-level illustration of XCEDT protocol
The XCEDT protocol sits atop the permissionless network (tesseracts and time nodes), which provides routing and validation services. This allows developers to build cross-chain applications that can transfer any asset from one chain to another with just two basic functions: send_message ( ) on the source chain and execute_message ( ) on the destination chain. Below are the steps involved in such a process:
  • A user initiates a message transfer function send_message () from the source chain by specifying the destination address and other details.
  • The Analog Gateway API gets activated.
  • Any tesseract node connected to the source chain can fetch this request and transmit it across the gateway API. However, before the request is transmitted to the Analog network, more than 90% of tesseracts connected to the same chain have to attest to the cross-chain request by partially signing it in a TSS process.
  • If more than 90% of these tesseracts attest to the cross-chain request, the transaction undergoes a PoT consensus on the Analog network where it is confirmed on the Timechain.
  • Once confirmed on the Timechain, the Analog network subtracts the transaction fees (in source chain tokens) and prepares an ongoing transaction to the destination chain (specified by the destination address).
  • If 90% of tesseracts connected to the destination chain attests to the confirmed transaction, the token transfer call emerges from the Analog Gateway and runs the execute_message ( ) call, completing the XCEDT process.
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