Core Features

Analog Network facilitates cross-chain requests through a number of features, including:

Decentralized Data Provider/Oracle

Analog network expands the capabilities of dApps and smart contracts by allowing developers to access on-chain data from different blockchains. It provides dApp builders the decentralized infrastructure and tooling they need to build scalable and externally-connected applications on several chains.


The Analog network allows your dApps to have access to data from any blockchain through the Timegraph API, which is the primary way for cross-chain applications to access and use data from decentralized data providers. Whether your dApp requires the latest data from decentralized exchanges or yield aggregators, the Analog SDK library provides the tooling required for your application to consume it.
Unlike other APIs in web3 with multiple points of interaction, the Timegraph API is an integrated solution that provides a seamless user experience while meeting strict decentralization and security requirements.

Event Data Marketplace

An Event Data Marketplace is an open platform for exchanging validated event data. It provides subscribers and other dApp builders that develop data-driven applications in web3 live access to ready-to-query event data from multiple heterogenous blockchain ecosystems.
Our infrastructure for the marketplace relies on a technology stack that incentivizes publishers and tesseracts to submit accurate event data and communicate with other chains in a P2P fashion. With Analog’s Event Data Marketplace, subscribers can seamlessly interact with validated event data in an open, transparent, and private manner.

$ANLOG Token

$ANLOG coin is a core utility token on the Analog network. Any user that wants to participate as a time node (validator) and votes on protocol changes must first stake $ANLOG. To become a block proposer/confirmer, the user must stake a fixed amount of $ANLOG tokens to be decided via a decentralized governance mechanism. Similarly, publishers/tesseracts are also paid for their services through $ANLOG tokens.